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Axios reports that "America's obsession with treating obesity, thinning hair and ADHD is creating severe shortages of popular prescription drugs … Pharmacies are running out of commonly prescribed drugs at a decade-high rate — often after massive spikes in demand."

One example:  "Ozempic and other diabetes medications that are being used for weight loss are in extraordinarily high demand."  

In addition, "A surge in Adderall prescriptions has helped fuel the shortage — combined with a crackdown by the DEA, as well as supply-chain issues.

"Some antibiotics + anti-RSV drugs for children are also in short supply."

KC's View:

All of which is going to create greater tensions at many chain drug stores, where staffing issues already are frustrating both employees and customers.

There is one irony here - that at a time when at least some subset of Americans have decided that vaccinations of various kinds are unsafe, demand for some prescription drugs is outstripping supply.

It is like some people don't want to get a shot to prevent them from a serious case of the flu or Covid, but are willing to give themselves daily shots to lose 10 percent of their body weight.