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USA Today reports that that Chuck E. Cheese locations around the country are getting rid of the animatronic bands that have been core to the brand:  "The company has been busy renovating fun centers nationwide, providing a delightful experience for fans of all ages. Additionally, new trampoline zones have been introduced in select fun centers nationwide, offering multi-activity options for all ages."

Only one Chuck E. Cheese location will keep the animatronics - in Northridge, California, near Los Angeles, where the company says it is keeping the feature "for the purpose of nostalgia."

KC's View:

Once you take away the animatronics, what is left at Chuck E. Cheese?  Because it is not like they serve anything close to actual pizza?

One other thing.  Trampoline zones?  Is that so little kids who have gorged themselves on whatever passes for pizza at  Chuck E. Cheese then vomit it all up?  

I hope they've increased the budget for paper towels and disinfectant.