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From the Associated Press:

"New York state sued PepsiCo on Wednesday in an effort to hold the soda-and-snack food giant partly responsible for litter that winds up in bodies of water supplying the city of Buffalo with drinking water.

"The lawsuit, filed in state Supreme Court by Attorney General Letitia James, accuses the company and its Frito-Lay subsidiaries of creating a public nuisance by making a huge number of plastic bottles and wrappers, some of which inevitably fall or blow into the Buffalo River when they are discarded.

"Simply by making so much plastic, the company is hurting the environment, the lawsuit argues."

The story goes on:

"PepsiCo said in a statement that it was serious about 'plastic reduction and effective recycling.'  It didn’t directly comment on the lawsuit’s claim that it was legally responsible for keeping garbage out of the Buffalo River.

"PepsiCo, which is headquartered in New York, produces and packages at least 85 different beverage brands including Gatorade and Pepsi products, and at least 25 snack food brands that mostly come in plastic containers meant to be thrown away or recycled once they are empty.  In past years, the company has repeatedly pledged that it would make meaningful strides to reduce its use of plastics.

"The lawsuit alleges that the opposite is happening, and that PepsiCo misled the public about its efforts to combat plastic pollution."