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Grocery Doppio is out with a new study into omnichannel grocery shopping habits, concluding that "nearly three in four grocery customers now shop for groceries online at least part of the time. Omnichannel buyers spend 1.5x more every month than single channel buyers and are more than 3x more loyal than digital-only customers."

Key findings include:

•  "In these five categories of grocery, most sales occur through digital channels: beverages (53%); pantry (73%); personal care (73%); household (76%) and pets (83%)."

•  "Customers use digital tools even before entering a store, to make shopping lists (77%), confirm item availability (76%), and research an item's location within the store (69%)."

•  "Patrons who buy via multiple channels spend an average of $1,043/month—1.5x more than those who buy online only ($659) or in-store only ($669)."

•  "On average, omnichannel buyers churn after 4.2 bad experiences vs. only 1.3 bad experiences for digital-only patrons."

•  "Customers reported the experience that has the highest impact on their loyalty is how grocers handle inventory status and out of stock items (84%), followed by checkout (79%) and the pickup experience (77%)."

The findings are based on a study conducted jointly by Incisiv and FMI-The Food Industry Association in partnership with Wynshop.

KC's View:

I think it is critical to remember that customers don't think of themselves as omnichannel shoppers.  They're just shoppers, looking to buy what they want, when they want it, where they want to buy it, at a price they feel is appropriate.

The most important thing retailers can do is make sure they have a consistent brand message and individuated value proposition across all platforms, physical and digital.