There was something I should've written about in this space yesterday, but did not. So let me rectify the matter, albeit a little late, by turning the space over to MNB reader Mike Griswold, who gives us not just the sports report, but also the business lessons ...

It must be because you are traveling, but I was a bit disappointed you didn’t mention the 100 game win streak by the UCONN Women’s basketball team. While I hate to say never, I feel comfortable saying we won’t see another streak like this in men’s or women’s basketball again. I also think there are several business lessons for us to consider:

• Culture while hard to describe, plays a huge role in an organizations success. There is a “UCONN way” of doing things, how to practice, how to prepare, how to play, that is embedded in the DNA of the program and passed along over the years. Seniors educate freshman on the way to do things and keep the culture alive.

• Leading organizations find ways to “reload” when talent departs. UCONN lost 3 seniors who went 1,2,3 in the WNBA draft. They lost one of the best players in women’s basketball history in Breanna Stewart yet here they are ranked number one again. The freshman and sophomores from last year, are now the leaders of this year’s team.

• Lastly, leaders create an environment where people can compete, and be challenged. Other colleges have access to the same players as UCONN. UCONN had no pre-season All-American candidates. People go to UCONN to experience the culture, be challenged, held accountable, and improve so that they are better when they leave, than when they arrived.

All great stuff. Couldn't said it better myself. Thanks.