In the UK, the Mirror reports that Tesco “is looking at building stores without traditional checkouts. Instead, artificial intelligence will be used to calculate when an item is removed from a shelf and taken out of the store - automatically debiting your account when appropriate.”

CEO Dave Lewis says there’s nothing specific to announce. Yet.

““We trial lots and lots of things – the thing you refer to, yes – but we’ll only talk about it when we’ve done it everywhere," Lewis says, adding, “When we're at a place where we've got something we want to launch to all customers, we'll launch it and we'll communicate it. We've been doing it for a while. Nothing to announce.”

The move seems thematically similar to the Amazon Go checkout-free store that Amazon has been beta testing in Seattle.

KC's View: Innovations like a no-checkout store are almost certainly in the development stage at a lot of retailers … hell, it was decades ago that IBM produced a commercial prognosticating its eventual mainstreaming.