TechCrunch reports that Oprah Winfrey is providing her voice to Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart speaker system.

According to the story, “the addition of Oprah’s voice is part of a holiday shopping promotion between Oprah’s O magazine and Amazon, where Oprah will help Alexa customers shop her ‘Favorite Things.’

“O, The Oprah Magazine and Amazon have worked together over the past couple of years to co-promote Oprah’s Favorite Things online and on mobile through a dedicated Amazon storefront, but this is the first time the shopping experience has been offered through Amazon’s Alexa platform … To trigger Oprah’s voice, Alexa users have to say, ‘Alexa, let’s shop Oprah’s favorite things’.”

KC's View: The method used to “scroll” through Oprah’s favorites via Alexa isn’t very efficient…Oprah apparently will just read through them.

I’m more intrigued with the idea that Amazon will be able to start offering more voice options on Alexa - male and female voices, accents, and celebrity voices.

I’m still holding out for an optional politeness protocol - if you don’t say “please,” Alexa asks you what the magic word is. (This would be great for families, because it would reinforce polite language from kids.)