• The New York Times reports that a new study in medical journal Obesity says that “60.7 percent of children and 50 percent of adults drank a sugary beverage on any given day in 2014, down from 79.7 percent of children and 61.5 percent of adults in 2003 … Per capita consumption of all drinks declined. Children took in 312.6 drink calories a day in 2014, compared with 473.8 a day in 2003. Among adults, the figure was 341.1 calories in 2014, compared with 425.0 in 2003.”

However, the study also says that despite the declines, “consumption is still highest among blacks, Hispanics and adolescents, and these groups are at higher risk for obesity.”

• The BBC reports that the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has provisionally approved Tesco’s acquisition of food wholesaler Booker for $4.8 billion (US). While there have been objections to the deal from some segments of the British food industry, the CMA concluded that it is likely to result in more, not less, competition, and lower prices for shoppers.