We had a piece yesterday about a post-smart phone world that is envisioned by Amazon and described by Fast Company, and that prompted MNB reader Tim McGuire to write:

The “day in the (connected) life” you portray is both interesting and entirely feasible. That said, extending it to “the smart phone will go the way of the fax machine” comment assumes that somehow Amazon and Alexa will be more powerful in this space than Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei, etc - all of whom have or are developing capabilities that do everything you have described, and many of which will be delivered through the smartphone as the “control hub”. It will be important to separate what is delivered by a device from what is delivered by an operating system from what is delivered by an interconnected ecosystem. In my mind we’re still a few years away from knowing which one(s) will win.

I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that only Amazon will move in this direction. I think all these companies will invest in these new technologies to varying degrees. My point merely was that, as I think I said elsewhere on MNB, that innovation has no finish line.

Regarding Amazon’s decision to install pop-up stores selling technology in some Whole Foods stores, one MNB reader (and Whole Foods competitor) wrote:

All I can say is ‘meh’… It feels like a slow descent into ruining the shopping experience that Whole Foods has been so great at providing. But, good for us smaller retailers because it opens up a wider niche for us to claim.