Campbell Soup Co. is “testing an online service that will deliver soups to customers’ doors,” Bloomberg reports. Next month the company will begin a test, “shipping out premium soups that consumers can heat up at home. In a separate effort, Campbell is developing ‘crafted’ soup with local ingredients that are sold in glass containers, a nod to the growing popularity of mason jars.”

Bloomberg writes that “Campbell has already made forays into e-commerce. Its chili macaroni and chicken noodle are some of the best-selling soups on Inc.’s website. But the test project would attempt to forge a direct link with shoppers, setting the stage for customers to browse for canned soups on Campbell’s website and have them shipped from its warehouses to their front doors.

Mike Paul, a VP who is leading Campbell’s disruptive innovation efforts, tells Bloomberg, “As a company, our goal is to reinvent the center of the store -- which includes soup but it’s much more. My team is really interested in challenging the conventional CPG model and experimenting with how products are developed, how brands are born and how we go to market.”

KC's View: There’s no way to know for sure how all the innovations that Campbell is pursuing are going to work out in the long run, but I continue to believe that CEO Denise Morrison is enormously admirable for her willingness to challenge convention, make big moves to reposition her company so that it is in synch with consumer realities, and try new things.