US News & World Report has a story about how Amazon “is teaming with Calvin Klein to open holiday-themed brick-and-mortar pop-up stores in New York City and Los Angeles. The pop-up stores may not move the needle much for Amazon investors this year in terms of revenue, but the technology Amazon is testing may serve as a blueprint for its long-term approach to retail.”

The technology in question is dynamic pricing: “Rather than placing price tags on the merchandise in the store, customers simply scan the barcode on the item with their phones to reveal its lowest current price on Prices are constantly changing, and the store will always match the lowest online price.”

KC's View: Analysts say that while the story works in general, it is not without bugs, and does not make use of Amazon’s Alexa-powered technology to the degree it could or should. All of which may be true, but that doesn’t make the dynamic pricing approach any less interesting.