The Wall Street Journal has a story by a reporter who decided to spend a week doing everything she possibly could within the Amazon ecosystem, answering two basic questions: “How much of your life can you live through Amazon? And how much of it would you want to?”

The experiment offers both positives and negatives, but in the end mostly poses issues that need to be addressed:

“The more we use Amazon in all its capacities, the more the company potentially learns about us. Unlike Google and Facebook, Amazon isn’t in business to sell ads, but it certainly can use data to target more and more of its own universe of products and services at us.

“And the disturbing implications of such a retail juggernaut go beyond invasive marketing. When one company has so much reach, countless other sellers and service providers can lose relevance. If you can buy everything from car parts to cleaning service to caviar in one stop, will you shop anywhere outside Amazon’s own marketplace?”

Good piece, and you can read it here.