• The Washington Post this morning reports that CtW Investment Group, which works with union-sponsored pension funds, “sent a letter last week to the online giant, urging it to improve the diversity of its senior executive ranks, among other things … (it) is a sign that some investors are growing concerned about the reputation hit companies could face from the recent flood of harassment headlines.”

According to the story, the letter “cites the number of women Amazon has in senior executive roles, compared with other tech companies, and asserts that could have an impact on how the company addresses allegations. It cited numbers from a recent New York Times story, which reported that just one of the top 16 executives (6 percent) at Amazon, known as the ’S-team,’ is a woman. At Apple, five of the top 19 executives listed on its website (26 percent) are women. Six of the 13 people (46 percent) on Google chief executive Sundar Pichai’s team are women, and three of the 16 executives listed on Microsoft’s website (19 percent) are female.”

The Post goes on: “Women run several of Amazon’s businesses or divisions, including Stephenie Landry at Prime Now, Jennifer Cast at Amazon Books and Elaine Chang, Amazon’s leader in China. But these women are not part of the S-team, which has been described as the core group of senior executives that leads the company. In the company’s public diversity report, Amazon says 25 percent of managers are women on a global level.