Bloomberg has a story saying that even as Walmart has named women to a pair of high level executive positions, “women are becoming more scarce overall at the nation’s biggest private employer.”

The story says that “the falloff reflects Walmart’s evolution from a five-and-dime retailer to one more focused on selling groceries, which now account for almost 60 cents of every dollar of U.S. sales. While women hold about 60 percent of jobs at general-merchandise retailers, they account for just under half at grocery stores, according to federal data.”

According to the piece, Walmart spokeswoman Tricia Moriarty said she cannot “confirm or deny that the retailer’s shift to selling more groceries has changed its gender makeup. The company has thousands of new jobs that are more often held by women, she said, such as 18,000 so-called personal shoppers who walk the aisles to pick and pack orders for its online grocery service, which is now in more than 1,100 stores. Also, 62 percent of the more than 225,000 graduates so far from its new training academies are women.”