by Kevin Coupe

To recognize today’s designation as International Women’s Day, McDonald’s said that it “is turning its iconic golden arches upside down on its digital channels, some of its packaging and at least one U.S. restaurant. When upturned, what is normally an M for McDonald's becomes a W for women.

“The sign is outside the McDonald's in Lynwood, Calif., owned by Patricia Williams for three decades … Dozens of other locations will have special packaging, including fry boxes, cold cups and bags, and the inverted Golden Arches on employees' hats and T-shirts.”

This is only symbolic, but symbols are important … especially if the culture is to make an actual and sustainable shift in terms of quality, opportunity and equity for women. Symbols start out as just that, but gain even greater power when converted into action.

That’s why there is such a movement right now to fight sexual harassment and discrimination. Why there are more women running for office this year than ever before.

This can’t just be accomplished by women. It also has to be enabled by men who aren’t threatened by this kind of tectonic cultural shift, and by companies that understand the importance of diversity in all its forms.

I love this idea. And I think it is important that at a time when Stormy Daniels seems to be the most talked about women in the country, that the culture recognizes the enormous contributions that have been made - and will be made - by women.

That upside-down M is an Eye-Opener, especially because it reflects a company that is trying to get it right side up.