Responding to our story this week about cities banning plastic straws, which have become an environmental hazard, MNB reader Chris Utz wrote:

I never knew that plastic straws were a hazard to wildlife.  Your blog was the first I’ve heard such a thing.  Thanks for the info.  I now have another reason for my crusade against straws.
It seems that whenever I order an adult beverage, the bartender/wait-person invariably includes a plastic straw or stir stick; even though I ask to please not include a straw.  This becomes a huge waste, since the first thing I do is remove the straw from my glass and everyone eventually throws them away...
My mom was like Ralphie’s mom (and Santa Claus) in A Christmas Story.  They didn’t want me (or Ralphie) to have a BB gun because: “You'll shoot your eye out, kid!”
I’ve been handling BB guns, pellet guns and firearms most of my life and have never hurt my eye, except once.  I had mounted a scope a bit too far back on a powerful new rifle and the recoil caused an embarrassing, but minor bruise on my EYEBROW.
I was never concerned about putting my eye out from shooting.  However, I am concerned about being distracted and poking my eye with a straw.  Mom never warned me about that possibility…

From MNB reader Kelly Dean Wiseman:

Visit the Caribbean, pick a random spot on the coast, and sift through the plastic.

Yes, you will find a lot of straws, which break down into their tiny plastic bead components over time and seriously mess up the marine ecosystem from the bottom up, as it were.
Even more important: severing our attachment to plastic stuff we don’t need. Why make everything out of stuff that never breaks down?
If we retailers don’t get this we will be left in the dust by a younger generation that does.