The Washington Post reports that Amazon has released its first “Holiday of Play” print catalog, an effort to step into gap created when Toys U Us went out of business, and engage “in yet another bricks-and-mortar strategy to snag its share of the holiday toy sales.”

The catalog “features 70 pages of delighted, cozily clad kids surrounded by toys, and will soon be mailed to millions of customers this month. It showcases the breadth of holiday toy inventory, including classics such as action figures, board games and Barbies, as well as high-end items such as Bose audio gear and PlayStations.”

One interesting innovation: “You won’t find any prices on its pages; shoppers have to go online to find out how much the products actually cost. Instead, a scan of a QR code places the item in the shopper’s online cart, taking them from page to purchase in seconds.”

KC's View: Amazon has always been about being relevant to the customer, and it is engaged in an ongoing effort to find ways to resonate with the shopper in ways that will continue to make it a customers’ first, often best place to shop. That’s what this is - an experiment to see what customers will respond to, and how its ecosystem can be effectively reshaped. It is all about not accepting the boundaries that others would draw around your business.