Regarding the state of the Amazon-Whole Foods relationship, one MNB reader wrote:

When I go to my local Whole Foods now I see the huge transformation that Amazon has had on this once very cool market chain.

Well known national natural/organic brands that pioneered the industry and small start ups/local brands have been discarded for 5 and 6 retail shelf facings of a single 365 item.

Very uninspiring merchandising has radicalized Whole Foods and dumbed it down.

Amazon "deals" cannot replace the carnage they have wrought to hundreds of brands that have been pushed aside (or duplicated in the 365 brand), in this rush for greed.

The quality of 365 products are erratic, at best. I'll be looking to shop at my local markets more as they hopefully pick up on Whole Foods's merchandising demise and begin to offer the variety that inspired the natural and organic industry.

One Walmart employee believes he knows why there seems to be a consumer preference for online shopping with his company, as opposed to Amazon:

It’s also because we have a MUCH stronger QC team than Amazon Fresh does. Something they neglected at their interception…

I know this being I was a compliance Manager for Amazon Fresh for several years…

Responding to our story about how Dollar Shave Club now is making its products available in vending machines, MNB reader Paul Schlossberg wrote:

This vending deployment is interesting. Maybe it is the new way to do pop-up stores for "smaller" categories and the brands in those competitive sets.

MNB reader Dave D’Arezzo had some thoughts about Shake Shack’s ambitions:

It’s become a joke in our family that while we love the Shake Shack burger, every time we go they mess up our order.

The last two visits to Shake Shack in West Houston they have had major POS issues. Last month I watched an irate customer that had ordered online for pick-up, reacting to the news that their system had crashed and they had lost all their order details. They called me up to the counter with their electronic pager and confessed to me that they needed my paper receipt to recreate our order. Even then the details of the product (a few wanted items left off) were not executed properly.

To their credit, they gave us some free ice cream to make up for the problems we experienced.

Net, net get your basic systems working before you complicate it further. Consumers can be unforgiving and very public (media), broadcasting to yelp, et al your shortcomings; I did.

Regarding the social media calls from some to boycott Jimmy Buffett because of his support for Democrats in the midterm elections - and my comment that “the only question Buffett has to answer is whether it is his own damn fault … and if, at his stage of life, he cares” - one MNB reader wrote:

Who knows? The Chairman of the Board sang for both JFK and Ronald Reagan. In both instances, it was claimed that there was a woman to blame. Give Jimmy time. After all, Sailors changed from warm beer and bread to Cheeseburgers. Maybe, Jimmy has time to sing both ways.

My guess is that the Parrot Heads will flock to the amphitheaters next summer with booze in the blender and enjoy the music that helps them hang on without a second thought …