• In Oregon, the Portland City Council has passed an ordinance “that will drastically reduce single-use plastics across the city,” voting unanimously “to restrict plastic serviceware like straws, stirrers, utensils, and condiment packaging.

“Under the new ordinance, customers only get plastic straws if they specifically ask for them.”

The story notes that “plastic straws account for roughly one-sixth of all litter in the United States.”

Bloomberg reports that lab-grown meat producers, having turned to traditional meat companies for funding, now are hoping they can use the legacy companies for distribution - even though, on the surface, it would appear that they are trying to usurp the dietary role of traditional meat products.

“A partnership between traditional meat companies and their would-be cell-based competitors would make sense,” the story says. “Consumers are buying increasingly larger quantities of products that are seen as more humane and environmentally friendly. Traditional meat producers could use a foothold in this fast-growing niche, while cell-based meat startups could use some assistance in ramping up operations.”