USA Today writes that there seems to be no question these days - cannabis “is coming to a kitchen near you.”

According to the story, “Chefs across the country say cannabis-infused food and drinks are the top two dining trends they expect to see unfold in 2019, although we’re not talking about food that will get you ‘high’ – these are products made with CBD, a non-psychoactive compound extracted from cannabis plants that enthusiasts say offers health benefits while tempting the palate.”

The conclusion is based on a survey of chefs conducted for the National Restaurant Association, in which “77 percent said CBD drinks are the No. 1 trend they see for 2019, followed by CBD foods.”

The story notes that “the Food and Drug Administration says anyone making specific health claims about hemp-derived CBD products must first submit them for review, and it says marijuana-derived CBD products remain illegal at the federal level, no matter whether they're legal in states … And while there's relatively little peer-reviewed research available on CBD's health benefits, its fans say it can help treat insomnia, anxiety, pain and seizures. Others say it provides mild relaxation without intoxication.”

KC's View: And in related news, a group of chefs has gotten together to create a new brand of CBD-infused foods, using the name “Spicoli Select,:” and the slogan, “We give you some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and you’ll be fine.”

All right, all right, all right.