Last week, MNB reported on the passing at age 87 of Herb Kelleher, who co-founded Southwest Airlines and in many ways disrupted the value propositions offered by traditional airlines through a combination of uncommon common sense, a deep connection to employees, a commitment to customer service, and even a taste for the meaningful theatrical

Which made this story from the Hartford Courant even more resonant:

“As security screeners at airports around the country face their first missed paycheck, one airline at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks sent a sign of solidarity on Wednesday to their Transportation Security Administration workers struggling during the government shutdown.

“Southwest Airlines treated TSA workers to a lunch and dinner of chili dogs — a TSA employee favorite at Bradley — as well as other items made by Southwest employees and donated by local stores and restaurants.”

Customer service agent Tarsha Moore explained it this way to the Courant: “Just watching the news, and I work with these great men and women every day, it just fell on my heart to do something … So, why not, on my day off, I could come in and do hot dogs and chili dogs.”

According to the story, “Stop & Shop donated a large sheet cake decorated with yellow and blue roses. Bear’s Smokehouse stepped up with cornbread. Skyline Restaurant in Windsor Locks pitched in with pasta and marinara sauce. Poquonock Giant Grinder in Windsor Locks supplied the grinders, and Aqui Me Quedo Restaurant in Hartford, the Spanish rice and beans.”

KC's View: Soul and heart amid the insanity. Gives one hope … and suggests that Herb Kelleher’s influence has not shuffled off this mortal coil.