BizWomen reports that Unilever US’s Dove Men+Care business “has launched The Pledge for Paternity Leave, seeking signatures from dads and business owners with the goal of sparking change … the company says fewer than 1 in 5 American men get paid paternity leave from their employers, and many don’t take what leave they are allowed.”

The story notes that “the U.S. is the only developed nation that doesn’t mandate paid parental leave for its workers. Only California, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington and Washington, D.C. have paid family leave programs, but the amount of leave time and wage replacement varies, per the Society for Human Resource Management. Proposals have been made in New Hampshire, Vermont and Nebraska … Especially as Millennials and Gen Z employees have children or see parenthood in their near futures, paid parental leave has become a top employee benefit in a tight labor market, SHRM notes. As of 2018, the 20 biggest companies in the U.S. offered paid maternity leave.”

Unilever’s Paternity Leave Fund is reported to be “giving $1 million, in the form of $5,000 grants through 2020, to help men who lack access to paid leave.”

KC's View: I love this. It is right on brand message for the Dove Men+Care brand, and, I think, a legitimate policy position in 21st century America.