The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that “Procter & Gamble Co., one of the most important advertisers for Google and Facebook Inc., ramped up criticism of internet platforms, saying the problems plaguing the industry aren’t getting fixed fast enough.”

P&G’s chief brand officer, Marc Pritchard, this week “blasted the digital media industry for lack of transparency, fraud, privacy breaches and a proliferation of violent and harmful content placed next to ads. He said his company, which spends billions of dollars every year marketing products from paper towels to shampoo, would move its money to services that can guarantee effectiveness, are completely free of offensive content and are more willing to share consumer data with advertisers.”

“It’s not acceptable,” he said, “to have brands showing up where opioids are being offered, where illegal drugs are promoted, where abhorrent behavior is present or where violence is seen. The apologies are heartfelt and appreciated, but that’s not good enough.”

KC's View: This is serious. Especially for Facebook, which has for too long has tried to deny responsibility and culpability for what appears on its pages. I’m glad to see that an advertiser that matters is trying to force the issue, though it will be hard to step away from a platform with so many people on it.

I’m personally tired of Facebook. I put MNB’s headlines there, but other than that, I’m pretty much done with it … I’d rather live my life than share it. (Of course, I have MNB, where I can do all the sharing I want with people I actually like and care about.)