by Kevin Coupe

The Unknown Brewing Co. in North Carolina recently came up with an ingenious and Eye-Opening solution when somebody stole the company’s van.

The brewery went on Facebook and posted the following message:

“(Three) fine individuals stole one of our vans early this AM … Please help us find it. Share with all of your friends. Whoever finds it, (the owner) Brad will buy you a keg party. If you stole it and bring it back: you will also get a keg party.”

Forty-two minutes after the posting, the van was found. The company got tips from some 15 sources. One woman, who saw the van on a Charlotte side street, took a picture of it and then posted it to Instagram, got the keg party.

The Charlotte Observer writes that “social media responses to the theft and the quick discovery were largely humorous, with some accusing a competing brewery and others noting the futility of stealing a van with a company logo on it.”

The paper takes note of one particular social media response - from a man who pointed out that “it sounds like all we need to do to have a keg party is hide your van from you for 45 minutes.”

Good point. Though not, strictly speaking, legal.