Fox Business has an interview with John Layfield - a former professional wrestler and current business analyst who is CEO of the Layfield Report - in which he addresses the heightened online competition between Amazon and Walmart.

Layfield says that Walmart is the original “mom and pop killer,” Amazon is the new “mom and pop killer” and that while competition between them might be bad for every other retailer, it is likely to be good for Walmart and Amazon.

KC's View: Sort of sounds like Layfield sees this thing as a wrestling match. Wonder why.

Business Insider had a story saying that “after Walmart announced Tuesday that it was launching free, next-day shipping on orders over $35, Amazon fired back in a tweet suggesting that its own customers have access to even faster delivery speeds. ‘Others are trying to up their fast shipping game,’ Amazon tweeted. ‘Fact is, Amazon customers in thousands of cities across 44 major metropolitan areas already have access to millions of items with free SAME DAY delivery. Customers are smart — they know the difference’.”

I just wish these folks wouldn’t turn to Twitter to taunt the opposition. It strikes me as bad form and sort of juvenile … but maybe I’m just not the target for this sort of communication.