Bloomberg reports that Starbucks “this month will begin a first-of-its kind trial of reusable cups at London’s Gatwick airport … Starbucks locations at the airport will charge customers 5 pence for disposable cups while offering a reusable cup for free. Even if just 250 customers a day opt for a reusable cup, more than 7,000 cups could be saved in the monthlong trial, Starbucks estimates. The company plans to track the number of returned cups, experimenting with different collection points to maximize the return rate.”

• The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that the $683 million deal that would have a hedge fund controlled by Elliott Management Corp. acquiring Barnes & Noble may, in fact, not be a done deal after all.

The story says that book distributor Readerlink LLC is looking to make a competitive bid that would top the price offered by Elliott; Readerlink, is described as “a distributor of books to non-book retailers such as Target Corp. and Walmart Inc.”

It is expected that a Readerlink bid could come as soon as the end of this week.

Reuters reports that in the UK, Tesco says that “it will implement a 10.45% pay rise for store and distribution centre staff by October 2020, though they will lose an annual bonus … Tesco said the increase will be implemented in two stages - from September. 1 this year pay will increase by 6.9% to 9.00 pounds then on Oct. 4 2020 pay will increase again by 3.3% to 9.30 pounds.

“The group said it had agreed with union Usdaw that it will replace a staff bonus - the Colleague Bonus Plan - permanently with the higher hourly rate.”