Two upcoming retirements have been announced in the past couple of days, and deserve mention here.

• Dave Jones, Kellogg Company’s Vice President of Industry Initiatives, will retire later this year after 33 years with the company. Everyone who knows Dave appreciates his passion for the business, his support of retailers - especially in the independent sector - and his willingness to contribute time and energy to ongoing educational efforts and creating connections in an often fragmented industry.

• And Laurie Gethin, who has worked at the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) for more than a quarter-century, will retire from her role there as director of education later this month. I’ve worked with Laurie a lot over the years, as she has been kind enough to use me for various events that she has programmed, and she’s a class act - dedicated to the needs of FMI’s members, rigorous about putting on illuminating conferences, and someone with whom working always has been a pleasure.

All I can say about Dave and Laurie is that I always figured they were younger than me, and so I can’t quite figure out why they’re retiring. But I wish them luck and happiness as they move onto the next chapters in their lives.