The Washington PostM this morning reports that fast casual salad chain Sweetgreen is acquiring Galley Foods, a Washington, DC-based meal delivery service that, the story says, “specializes in freshly prepared dinners.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. It is Sweetgreen’s first acquisition since it was founded a dozen years ago.

Sweetgreen CEO Jonathan Neman says that the brands are complementary and that “Sweetgreen will benefit from Galley’s technology and logistics expertise.”

“We both have a mission of connecting people to real food, and we realized that Galley could be a very good way to accelerate our delivery and dinner businesses,” he says.

KC's View: This is an example of what Tom Furphy and I are talking about in our Innovation Conversation today - it is an example of a company moving to take control of its delivery business, because it is critical to keeping control of its brand and building its own equity, not that of an outside provider. To this point people have been able to order from Sweetgreen using services like GrubHub and UberEats, but this deal makes clear that that may not always be the case.

For which I applaud Sweetgreen.

By the way … we shortly will be posting a new Retail Tomorrow podcast which features Michael Stebner, Director of Culinary Innovation at Sweetgreen … and I promise you that you’ll be fascinated by what he has to say.