Barrons has a story about how Amazon’s one-day shipping push, which is pressuring other retailers to match it, is creating another problem for everybody involved - it forces companies to get better at financial fraud protection.

According to the story, “Between 80% and 90% of traditional retailers still manually check some of their online transactions for fraud, according to CyberSource, a fraud-detection service owned by Visa. That slow, labor-intensive process creates a dilemma for merchants: Offer slower shipping and potentially lose out on a sale, or ship rapidly and risk being on the hook for fraud.”

The story notes that Amazon’s systems - which can detect repeat and changed behavior - make it more effective at fraud detection than other retailers. Barron’s writes that this “greater ability to find fraud lets Amazon minimize what it spends on chargebacks, another factor that helps it to undercut competitors’ prices. The retailer didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but CEO Jeff Bezos said in 2016 that he expected Amazon’s use of machine learning to quietly improve core operations in areas including fraud detection.”