• Walmart-owned Sam’s Club membership warehouse chain is looking to reduce its SKU count.

Talk Business & Politics reports that “Sam’s Club executive Clint Gill, who oversees grocery and beverage for the retailer, said his sales team is in the midst of its annual review of merchandise assortment with plans to reduce inventory items … Gill said the assortment in clubs ballooned as larger pack sizes were added to push revenue higher. Gill said just making the package larger to drive up top line sales is a self-defeating proposition because fewer members will buy that product, which further squeezes the already thin profit margin and negatively impacts his department’s profit and loss reports.

“We still have too many items in our clubs, and we are working to downsize the assortment. We are not adding new items at this time,” he says, noting that a more compelling nonfoods selection - which can add to the thrill of a “treasure hunt” - is key to finding the right balance.