Bloomberg has a story about how the demand for seafood continues to grow: “With rising incomes in developing nations driving demand, fish and seafood now account for almost a fifth of the animal protein people consume.”

Which means that “the next chapter of fish production, beyond even land-based farming, is already being written—by scientists. San Francisco-based Wild Type is hoping that, as with the rise of meat substitutes (and their  arrival on Wall Street), lab-grown fish won’t be far behind. Or, for that matter, lab-grown sushi.”

• The Washington Post reports that Tyson Foods “entered the crowded fray of alt-meat Thursday, with the country’s largest meat producer announcing it will produce plant-based meat products under the Raised & Rooted brand. They intend to release nuggets to retailers this summer, with a blended burger product to follow in the fall.”

The Post suggests that the moves demonstrate that “traditional meat companies are eager to get in on plant-based alternatives heralded as the next big thing,” though it seems likely that “the entry of these heavy hitters presents a challenge to start-ups and other fledgling companies” in the plant-based meat business.

• The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that “Kroger has started construction on a $55 million robotic warehouse in Monroe that will power home delivery of groceries when it begins operations in 2021.” The facility, which is being built inn partnership with British online retailer Ocado, “will employ more than 400 workers (and) will be the first of its kind in the nation,” with another 20 of the breed scheduled to be built around the country.