Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has been working assiduously to revive its fortunes after a spate of highly public food safety issues, said yesterday that more than “2,600 employees across 135 restaurants qualified to earn up to an extra week of pay as a result of its newly announced crew bonus program.”

The company explained that “if restaurant teams meet certain criteria such as predetermined sales as well as cashflow and throughput goals every quarter, they'll have the opportunity to earn up to an extra month's pay each year.”

Chipotle said in its press release that it “remains steadfast in its talent retention efforts in order to create a strong brand affinity that translates into a great customer experience … Over the past year, the company has seen a decrease in turnover at the manager and crew level. Retaining more crew members means that guests are receiving a more positive and consistent experience in Chipotle restaurants.”

KC's View: If you are trying to build teamwork, regardless if your brand is distressed or not, cold hard cash is a pretty good way to go about it. Not the only way, but I’ve always thought that bonuses paid to front line folks may be even more effective than bonuses paid to c-suite folks.