CNN reports that low enforcement officials are trying to figure out how more than $1 million in cocaine ended up in banana shipments that went to three Safeway stores in Woodinville, Bellingham and Federal Way in Washington State.
The drugs were found by store employees who were unpacking the bananas and saw “something strange,” according to the story.

According to the story, bananas are a popular way to transport cocaine: “In April, German authorities found hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, worth around €25 million ($28 million), that had been shipped to Aldi stores. Last year Texas authorities discovered $18 million worth of cocaine hidden in bananas that had been donated to the Texas Department of Corrections.”

KC's View: Scarface would’ve been an entirely different movie if Al Pacino’s Tony Montana had said, “Say hello to my little friend” and then held up a Chiquita.

And American Gangster would’ve had an entirely different tone if Denzel Washington’s Frank Lucas was a produce dealer.

Just sayin’.