Regarding McDonald’s “new” takeout-only format, MNB reader Sandy Voit wrote:

Fifty-plus years ago I worked for McDonalds as my first non-family, non-self-employed, employer. Remember that at that time McDonalds was red and white tiled, with actual "golden" arches, where there only were takeout windows in the front, and no inside seating. Actually, no outside seating either. People either took it away, or ate in their cars. No kids' meals, no toys... Just thought you might appreciate some historical perspective on this topic…

On the first amendment battle taking place between meat producers and plant-based meat producers, MNB reader Steve Baus wrote:

If plant based products are going to be allowed to be sold as meat because of the first amendment, something tells me we will soon after see a surge in products labeled as organic.

On another, familiar subject, from an MNB reader:

In the end I'm confident you will be proven right in your position on Instacart. Because someone big, Walmart or Amazon or someone else is going to buy it.  Then all these companies who are in bed with them will be in a place they don't want to be.

Regarding what we’re referring to as the inevitable coming recession, one MNB reader wrote:

Two indicators worth watching that provide an early warning on economic change, from what I've seen in other countries and past in US are trucking slowdown indicators as well as watching temporary worker numbers.  The latter is a key metric in manufacturing intensive environments, the former a good indication for raw materials and goods movement across our country.  There are others, certainly - but these two indicators are more credible than some others.