Got a number of emails from readers about my piece about Zupan's in Portland, Oregon.

One MNB reader wrote:

Great POV on Zupan’s this morning, it was the first I’d heard of them. Little wonder between them and New Seasons that Sprouts hopped over Portland and went north to Seattle.

And from another:

I could not agree more!!! I have family that lives in Portland and I come home to St. Louis bragging to all my co-workers about all the great things I saw… A trip to Portland must include a stop there.
DLM and Westborn I agree are right by their side…

And another:
Zupan’s is a fun and great shopping experience. When my wife and I visit Portland we have Zupan’s on our list of places to visit. This place is one of the best examples of a Grocery retailer doing thing to differentiate themselves.  It is an immersive sensory food shopping experience. The employee service is the icing on the cake. We love this place. It is number 1 on top ten Grocery retailers in the USA.

And still another:

Kevin, not a newsworthy event except to many Portlanders is the demise of an old time locally owned four store chain, Bale’s Markets. Relevant today because of your glowing Zupan’s report.

The irony might be that at one time Bale’s was on a par with Zupan’s, perhaps even above. Zupan’s acted on a changing consumer, Bale’s didn’t. I’m not sure they even tried. The results are in.