Fox Business reports that as part of this year’s London Cocktail Week, Glenlivet is putting its scotch whiskey in edible capsules.

You know, pods. Like the Tide pods you throw in your washing machine (and that some morons swallow because they think it would be fun).

According to the story, "The Glenlivet 'Capsule Collection' was developed using technology from sustainable packaging company, Notpla. The company uses seaweed as the base for its 'Ooho' beverage package. It calls the biodegradable packet 'ideal for on the go consumption'."

For the moment, it is a limited release … and the capsules have not been approved for sale in the US.

KC's View: I don't know. At some level, this seems like an idea that is totally wrong, totally ripe for a nightmare scenario. (Though one has to admire innovative impulses, however misguided.)

Me, I think certain drinks simply call for a thick glass tumbler, something with weight to it. Doesn't have to be crystal, but it has to have some heft. Call me a traditionalist.

On the other hand … I wonder what would happen if I tried to wash my clothes in Glenlivet.