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The Out-Of-Stock Solution: The Complete MNB Podcast

A Note From The Content Guy:

Over the past weeks, MNB has been featuring a five-part podcast with Randy Fields, CEO of Park City Group, talking with Kevin Coupe about what he calls the “existential threat” that out-of-stocks present to retailers.  It is, he argues, a far more pervasive problem than almost anyone is willing to admit … and one that is addressed by  ReposiTrak’s Out-of-Stocks Management Solution, which is exclusively endorsed by FMI-The Food Industry Association.

Here is their revealing and provocative conversation in full - focusing not just on the problem, but the strategic and tactical solutions that retailers can use to dramatically improve their competitive positions.

Click here for more information and to download a white paper.

To listen to Parts 1-4 or to learn more about the ReposiTrak OOS Management Solution, click here: